Lucy and Ethel
I used to watch The Lucy Show
Their escapades for making dough
The angst they shared, the gossip juicy
And I play Ethel to your Lucy.

Four Love
There is nothing like love,
for Love gathers its own resources.

Justice does not make it right,
Charity does not make it kind,
Hope does not extend it,
and Faith does not make it true.

A Mathematicianís Love Poem
When I am with you,
you add to my peace,
subtract my faults,
multiply my joys,
divide my sorrows,
and for all that,
I count my blessings to infinity.

A Recipe for Love
A quiet evening in the kitchen
Favorite songs to set the mood
Add a tablespoon of whispered words
Of vows that are renewed
The phone is disconnected
And the flickering candles dance
There are flowers on the table
And the dish is called "romance."

Love Signals (a quatrain poem)
Sometimes I get my signals crossed
And miss the invitation
If that is "welcome" in your eyes
In mine, you see elation.

Anniversary Love (free verse poem)
You are the center of gravity around which I orbit
I circle you in my wobbly ellipse
Sometimes straying to the cold vacuum
Sometimes singed in your hot radiance
Always going for another spin, another year.

Attraction (a quatrain poem)
I looked across the room
Midst the sea of people there
And saw the sun arise
Behind the twinkle in your eyes

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