All for You
Someone's worked very hard, all for you,
Made the odd sacrifice for you, too.
“Birthday flowers for Dad “
Tell him clearly you're glad
Call the florist and give him a clue.

"Be Happy Bouquet."
You're a great Dad, you know? By the way
Fifty-something's not old. Anyway,
Have I said "I love you"
Recently? Well, I do.
Hope you like your "Be Happy Bouquet."

Father's Seeds
So okay Dad, you've hit a milestone
But you aren't going out there alone
Your kids all love you
So whenever you're through
Having angst, view the seeds that you've sown.

Firm Father
We think you're the best Dad around
We've looked at the others and found
We are blessed with you, Dad
For whatever we've had
You've provided us with a firm ground.

Highest Standards
I couldn't remember the day
When I realized yours was the way
The best Moms (or Dad) do their thing
For the care that you bring
Is unmatched by the standards today.

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