Late to Send Birthday Flowers?
Someone's chicken has come home to roost?
Sure they need some "Balloons and a Boost."
Birthday flowers sent there
Let them know that you care
And your tardiness will be excused.

Thank You for Being a Friend
Just a thank you for you are a gift
And the kind, gentle way that you sift
Out my chaff from my wheat
Hold my secrets discrete
Gives my spirits a needed uplift.

Unwavering Birthday Wish
Thanks for all of the nights you got up
To attend to me, your little pup,
Who was screaming at night
At some boogey or fright
Of some terror in which I was stuck.

Parent's Birthday Love
Having seen all the work that you do
And the troubles that you have gone through
To provide us the best
You can take all the rest
Of the parents who cannot match you.

Birthday Stock
Though it's only a birthday, let's take
This short moment reviewing your stake.
You have us at the least
And your stock is increased
From the children who are your namesake.

Loving Heart Birthday
With these flowers, I'm hoping to say
All the sentiments that come to play
When I think of the grace
That permits me the place
In your heart I could never repay.

Birthday Genes
We can't tell you how much that we care
For a Dad who has always been there
To make sure needs are met
You're the best kids could get
In the gene lottery that's out there.

Birthday Wish
We sent you some flowers today
And since we cannot be there, they say
How much we love you.
All the things that you do
Represent us both while we're away.

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