Bring on the Cheer
Birthdays ending in zeros or fives
Make us feel like we're in the archives,
But a pizza and beer
That says "Bring on the Cheer"
Guarantees that our spirit revives.

Sincere Thanks to a Friend
Gratitude is a virtue, I've heard
And I'm feeling it now, so a word
Telling you, my dear friend
That you can't comprehend
The emotion with which I am stirred.

Flowers from Her
Can a gal send her guy a bouquet?
For the beauty of flowers convey
What a silly old tie
Can't express or imply
Or the subtleties I wish to say.

Thanks for the Love
"Please" and "Thank you" are words I was taught
To be sure that I'd note what I ought.
Since you please me each day
With your sweet, gentle, way
I give thanks for the love that you've brought.

It is true that we're all born alone
And from time to time, friendships outgrown
Make us sad; tempest tossed
From those friendships we've lost
But not you, you have been my touchstone.

Thank You for Getting Me Through a Difficult Time
You're a friend in the most candid sense
And my feelings for you - no pretence.
And this test I've been through
I've surmounted, for you
Showed me love and a sure confidence.

Thank You for Helping Me
Lost at sea, in the dark, and alone
Round my neck was a heavy millstone.
You threw a lifeline
And it came just in time
To face issues I'd tried to postpone.

Carpe Diem
There is no resolution for pi
It's immortal, unlike you and I
And this tender bouquet
Is my own little way
To remind you the sun's riding high.

Make Up
The say pi never ends nor repeats
It's immortal, unlike our heartbeats
This bouquet I send
Is intended to mend
And make our love whole and replete.

Donít Feel Blue
If today, you are pricked by the thorn
You feel ragged, conflicted, and torn
It's the wise bee that knows
That's where he'll find the rose
And from seed comes a plant that's reborn.

Being with You
You're the one that I've dreamed of for years
You complete me, and dampen my fears
When I am with you
There are no limits to
The song of the heavenly spheres.

Maybe a Rose
I would buy you a castle in Spain
A tiara, a sports car, a plane
But I don't have those
So maybe the rose
Serves to echo my loving refrain.

Making Up
Our boat has capsized under sail
Cause the human condition is frail
And though this dog may bite
Perhaps he is contrite?
Come and look - see - I'm wagging my tail.

Birthday Love
This arrangement that I'm sending you
Is a testament hoping to do
What my words can't express
Among Moms, you're the best
With the love that you surely are due.

Best Mother
There are nurturing mothers out there
And all of them struggle and care
To feather the nest,
But of all, you're the best,
It's a sentiment all your kids share.

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